G8 Benchtop PET/CT scanning system



G8 PET/CT delivers high resolution, high sensitivity PET integrated with a sub-minute, low dose microCT. Acquire fully quantitative data, while maintaining workflow advantages including docking stations with imaging chambers, integrated anesthesia, and intuitive imaging protocol creation software. Highly versatile, the G8 is designed to rapidly integrate into your current preclinical research workflow in a broad-range of applications including neurology, oncology, cardiology, biodistribution, and drug discovery.

PerkinElmer G4 PET/X-ray

The G8 PET/CT is only available through our exclusive partnership with PerkinElmer. To contact a PerkinElmer representative directly, please visit the PerkinElmer contact page!


Imaging Chamber + Docking Station

Successful imaging outcomes correlate heavily with subject well-being. Small changes in animal physiology can have profound impacts on imaging readouts and experimental outcomes. The G8 prioritizes animal wellbeing and incorporates novel approaches to small animal prep and management. The end result is a physiologically stable and comfortable test subject. Simply plug-in an imaging chamber to the docking station for:

  • Automated anesthesia delivery
  • Temperature regulation
  • Reproducible positioning between PET/CT
  • Pathogen barrier for environmental protection
  • Easy setup for animal injection
  • Video feed of subject during the scan
  • Breathing rate throughout the study
  • Multi-modality connectivity for PerkinElmer’s optical imaging systems
  • Compatibility exists for MRI and SPECT scanners


Experience the G8 PET/CT acquisition engine. Quickly generate complex protocols with just a few clicks, or use preset protocols provided with the software. All PET data is collected in list mode format and images are stored in DICOM format, allowing for export and analysis is a variety of software platforms, including Living Image© and VivoQuantTM. With multiple modes of operation, your get ultimate system flexibility.

  • General mode relies on preloaded protocols and optimized imaging parameters for a simple, convenient acquisition workflow for users of all experience levels.
  • Physicist mode emphasizes operational flexibility and gives experienced PET users the ability to modulate key acquisition and reconstruction parameters across all user profiles.
  • Administrator mode allows easy exporting of usage data by project or users for grant or billing reconciliation.
Benchtop PET CT side view