Benchtop PET imaging


G4 PET/X–RAY is a multimodality scanner that allows you to quickly screen your mice and rats. With fully–integrated docking stations/imaging chambers and a painless acquisition/reconstruction software platform, you’re empowered to routinely, safely, and robustly image your animal models.

What’s the secret? G4 PET/X–ray is the first system to break away from a conventional ring-based system by surrounding the animal (mouse full body and rat head/trunk) with four panel detectors, a novel system model, and iterative reconstruction.

PerkinElmer G4 PET/X-ray

The G4 PET/X-ray is only available through our exclusive partnership with PerkinElmer. To contact a PerkinElmer representative directly, please visit the PerkinElmer contact page!

Why G4?

  • It’s really benchtop.
    Surprised by the size? Don’t be. At 1/20th the weight of conventional floor systems, G4 saves premium laboratory space by being truly benchtop. Only 24” tall X 18” wide, G4 is the smallest PET imaging system in the industry, making it perfect for harnessing the power of PET in the close quarters of vivariums, BSL2/3 facilities, and busy lab benches. With minimal site planning and training, we guarantee you’ll be imaging animals the day we install your scanner.
  • It’s still a high performance machine.
    Small doesn’t mean we sacrifice performance. With 14% sensitivity and 1.4 mm resolution, we’re 2–4X more sensitive than the closest competitors. This means we outperform more complicated and expensive machines, while enabling you to use less dose. Lower your injected activity per animal by a tenth and save on user radiation exposure and valuable probes. The new world is here.
  • It links you to your animal.
    We know that keeping the animal safe is key. Our animal monitoring system provides a live–link to your animals, while custom imaging chambers keep subjects warm, controllably anesthetized, and in a fixed position during prep and image acquisition.



Anatomical reference is added via X–ray, surface optical images, and a deformable atlas. Integrated video cameras watch your animal during the study, monitor respiratory rate, and signal you to regulate the anesthesia. An array of CPUs allows for ultra–fast image processing, and 3D–image reconstruction. That’s it. (Did we mention it’s the most sensitive scanner on the market?)

Genisys4 Chamber and Docking Station

Imaging Chamber + Docking Station

The ergonomically designed bed slides effortlessly between the docking station and the scanner, keeping your animal in a secure, warm, and pathogen–free environment. The curved handle allows for easy carrying, as well as syringe storage during “on the bed” injections for dynamic scans. Docking stations hold imaging chambers during prep and in between scans.

  • Nose cone anesthesia and constant heating (37°C)
  • Reproducible positioning of the mouse for imaging
  • Pathogen barrier for environmental protection
  • Provisions for catheter line
  • Slot to hold syringe
  • Multi–modality connectivity for MRI, CT, SPECT
  • Mice full body and rat head/trunk
  • Automatic anesthesia and heating
Genisys 4 | PET/X-Ray


We’ll admit it. We love our software. Built for speed, the G4 PET/X–ray Acquisition Engine combines the latest in computer processing power, advanced tomographic image reconstruction, networking, and user experience to quickly develop protocols and acquire, process, and manage image data so you can move on to the next experiment.

  • Pre–set protocol for the quick start of your routine imaging studies
  • Watch your animal throughout the study
  • Study control, data management, and processing power
  • DICOM standard for data output