ELIXYS automated radiochemistry synthesiser

Chemistry Flexible Automation

ELIXYS is an automated radiochemical synthesizer for the production of preclinical and clinical PET probes.


  • It’s a hybrid.
    ELIXYS is a single platform solution for R&D and production. Build new syntheses from scratch, and then routinely perform your optimized protocol. It’s the best of flexible and fixed systems, without painful re-plumbing to move between syntheses.
  • It’s a triple threat.
    ELIXYS is the first of its kind – a fully integrated, three–reactor radiosynthesizer. We designed it to meet the challenging, multi–pot synthesis conditions of [18F]FAC, but you can also use it to perform three, one–pot syntheses back–to–back–to–back. For the same cost as a single reactor system, we think ELIXYS is the better choice for limited space and resources.
  • It’s easy to use. Honestly.
    Even with all that firepower, ELIXYS is everyone’s instrument. We’ve spent a lot of time in the details: reduction of tubing and valves, intuitive, chemist–friendly software, and disposable cassettes that are simple to load and remove. From the most seasoned radiochemist to brand new technicians, ELIXYS is easy to learn and operate.


Three Reactors

Elixys | 3 Reactors

Three identical, independent, moveable reactors give you the ability to perform diverse 1, 2, and 3 pot syntheses with intermediate and final purification. Perform fully sealed reactions at higher temperatures (200C) and pressures (>150 psi) than any vial-based synthesizer without loss of product. Visually monitor evaporations with reactor vial cameras. Track between-reactor transfers with radiation detectors. No need to customize or re-plumb the hardware to move between syntheses.

Reagent Delivery Robot + Disposable Cassettes

Elixys Robot and Cartrige

Who says robots are for biological instrumentation only? We love our liquid handlers, and decided to borrow that design when thinking about reagent delivery on demand. On ELIXYS, your reagents stay sealed and safe from air and moisture until just before addition. Disposable cassettes provide housing for all wetted paths, and can be cleaned and reused for probe development and optimization, or discarded after routine production runs.


Automated Radiochemistry Software

We think you should spend your valuable time modifying the chemistry, not the synthesizer. Our software features a drag–and–drop, unit operation–based interface. With administrative controls, user defined pre–synthesis checklists and batch records, and real–time video and state monitoring, ELIXYS is ready for both the preclinical and cGMP environments.


To date, we’ve synthesized:

  • [18F]FDG
    • 2–[18F]fluorodeoxyglucose
    • Use: Measure of glycolysis
    • Yield*:  n=6  RCY=61.0% +/– 12.9%
  • [18F]FAC
    • 2–deoxy–2–[18F]fluoro–β–D–arabinofuranosyl
    • Use: Assay for deoxycytidine kinase
    • Yield*:  n=5  RCY=31.3% +/– 6.0%
  • [18F]FMAU
    • 2–deoxy–2–[18F]flouro–5–methyl–1–β–L arabinofuranosyl uracil
    • Use: Monitor cellular proliferation; PET reporter probe for reporter gene imaging
    • Yield*:  n=3  RCY=45.2% +/– 1.5%
  • [18F]FEAU
  • [18F]SFB
    • N–succinimidyl–4–[18F]fluorobenzoate
    • Use: Most actively used prosthetic group for protein/peptide/antibody labeling
    • Yield*:  n=5  RCY=69.5% +/– 9.1%
  • [18F]FLT
    • [18F]fluorothymidine
    • Use: Monitor cellular proliferation
    • Yield*:  n=5  RCY=11.9% +/– 1.6%
  • [18F]FHBG
  • [18F]Fallypride
  • *All data reported is un-optimized. Radiochemical yield (RCY) is decay corrected.
    100% starting activity defined by [18F]fluoride released into reactor vial 1, after[18F]fluoride trap and release.

SOFIE–optimized protocols are available with every ELIXYS purchase.
Check back for a list of reagent kits coming soon!