In Vivo Multimodal Imaging: Combining Functional and Anatomical Modalities to Enrich Your Data

In Vivo Multimodal Imaging

March 23, 2016
9:00 AM PDT / 12:00 PM EDT / 4:00 PM GMT


Over the past two decades, in vivo optical imaging has become an established broad platform technology for monitoring dynamic events (e.g., gene regulation and drug efficacy) in small animals due to its speed, sensitivity, ease of use, and low cost of ownership. More recently, in vivo 3D optical tomography has been combined with anatomical imaging modalities to allow true 3D dynamic imaging to be spatially defined within a living animal. This evolution has also encouraged users to integrate complementary imaging modalities to extract even more data from fewer animals without compromising the statistical significance of the resulting data sets.

During this webinar, Drs. David Shackelford and James Collins will present novel findings using caged luciferins to demonstrate how combining functional and anatomical data from PerkinElmer’s IVIS®, Quantum microCT and G8 PET/CT imaging platforms has advanced their research. These novel activatable reagents can be monopolized upon to produce additional information as to the molecular events during the progression of oncology and infectious disease models in vivo.